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Oakley Latch: from skateboard icons, a piece of style and functionality

Oakley Latch is one of the last sunglasses created by Oakley designers in collaboration with skateboard icons Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with globally renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson. Special feature: if you hook the frame onto your T-Shirt or jacket, it will never fall off!

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The Science of Sunglasses

Why are Oakley Sunglasses some of the best in the world?

Science explains!

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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Catch

Another excellent 'Never Hide' Ray-Ban viral which takes some summer fun on catching the Wayfarers sunglasses to the extreme.

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Oakley Rebellion - Lance Armstrong

Oakley is a brand built on rebellion--against status quo, against conventional thinking, against underachieving. The Oakley Rebellion site is our homage to the athletes who represent our brand with their deeds, not their words.

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