If you're after a vintage look with a modern twist then this is the brand for you!

Having perfected the art of frame-making, Anglo American have 120 years of experience. In the 1990's Anglo American tried to move the brand forward. The brand stays true to itself yet still has a modern feel which appeals to everyone.

Anglo American once boasted that 'with each frame being handled at least seventy-five times in forty-three operations, and being checked a minimum of fifteen times it may not be the cheapest way to make a frame but for Anglo American Eyewear it is the only way!' This shows you the time taken and the desire to bring you such high quality products and by just looking at the range in The BIG Optician you can see they have reached this goal.

The only thing Anglo American left us at The BIG Optician to do is to fit your frame so it is all round perfection!