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Contact Lenses for Children and Young People

How young is too young?

  • Did you know? Children as young as eight can successfully wear contact lenses
  • Did you know? Contact lenses have been found to improve children's concentration and therefore their school performance
  • Did you know? New research shows that nearly one-in-five (18%) of young people do not wear their prescribed glasses.
  • "Did you know? The medical officers for the Schools Association say: 'Whenever possible, pupils should use soft contact lenses to correct vision during sport'  -  In sports involving direct contact (, football and martial arts) only soft lenses ot nothing are acceptable"

Childrens Contact Lenses Newcastle

Young People Want to try Contact Lenses

Research has shown that young people want to try contact lenses.It’s tough being young today.But whilst most young people's lives are more pressurised than ever, there are a lot more choices available to them, especially when it comes to vision care and in particular contact lenses.

Optometrists at The BIG optician are skilled at the assessment and fitting of contact lenses. We have a growing number of under 10 year olds who are successfully wearing contact lenses.Many, of our younger clients wear contact lenses on a part time basis for example Amy*, who takes part in dancing and since wearing her contact lenses, has won her very first dancing competition or James* who plays in goal for his school team. Both Amy and James are happy to wear their glasses much of the time but choose to wear contact lenses to participate in activities.

Once the Optometrist has decided the young person is suitable and sufficiently motivated to become a contact lens wearer they will be shown how to safely apply, remove and care for their lenses.

Staff at The Big Optician, most of whom have children of their own, have patience and skill in the bucket-full and give excellent contact lens training.Following this and once everyone is happy, parents included, the young person will be given contact lenses to try at home. With the advent of daily lenses, part-time wear has become very convenient and can be very cost effective.

*not their real names.