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Tailor Made Contact Lenses to any Prescription

The Big Optician is delighted to be able to supply tailor-made, soft contact lenses to ANY prescription, no matter how complex the prescription may be. This means that due to the recent release of this innovative product The Big Optician can now supply bespoke contact lenses to people who have previously been told they are not suitable for soft contact lenses due to the complexity of their prescription. These lenses are supplied as either monthly or 3-monthly replacement soft lenses.

Tailor Made Contact Lenses

These unique contact lenses are custom made to the individual clients specification in a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Spain and are usually delivered within 10 working days of order. These lenses can be ideal for people who want the convenience and the crisp visual acuity obtained from contact lens wear but who have highly sensitive eyes, very dry eyes or who have complex optical prescriptions which, until now, has precluded them from wearing lenses.

Direct Debit Contact Lenses NewcastleDirect Debit

The Big Optician offers direct debit contact lens programmes. Participation of the Direct Debit contact lens programme entitles you to a number of additional benefits such as 20% discount off  the cost of spectacles, complimentary contact lens after-care appointments every 6 months, and a complimentary eye examination every 2 years.  Alternatively contact lenses can also be purchased in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month bundles, with or without solutions.