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Why have an eye test?

We all rely on our eyes and our eyesight in almost every aspect of out daily lives. Much of what we do depends on having clear vision.

Keith Little, Optometrist and owner of The Big Optician said 'It's sometimes surprising what little effort some people put into protecting their eyes. Unlike teeth or feet, eyes rarely let you know if anything is wrong. Change in vision and eye health happens so slowly that people are often unaware of it. We each have only one pair of eyes and, unlike most other vital organs of the body, our eyes cannot be replaced or transplanted if something goes wrong! Fortunately the vast majority of my clients realise the importance of good eyecare and that is why they have chosen to remain with The Big Optician as their optometric practice'

Eyecare NewcastleKeith goes on to say 'We have a very high rate of customer retention which we think results from three main factors. Firstly, clients appreciate the comprehensive nature of our eye examinations - even our NHS eye tests include Retinal Photography as standard. Secondly, we have a small, stable team of very competent, experienced optometrists which enables us to give continuity in the relationship between client and optician. Thirdly, we offer great value for money. The vast majority of our clients choose to have their glasses dispensed here as they recognise we offer excellent choice and exceptional value for money on frames and lenses.

Many of Keith's patients have been coming to see him for over 25 years, and he has become optician to their children and grandchildren! Most of our new business comes from existing clients recommending us to their friends, family and work colleagues.

In a recent survey by Reader's Digest, it was found that loss of eyesight is the greatest health-related fear we have, ranking higher than even cancer or diabetes. About one quarter of us wear glasses, and in academic circles the percentages are significantly higher. This is because modern activities like reading and using the computer can be stressful for the eyes since your eyes need to remain focused on close distances for long periods of time.

Having your eyes tested regularly is an important way that we can maintain healthy eyesight. An eye examination is not just about getting glasses - it is a vital health check for your eyes and your body. A regular, comprehensive eye test can detect eye conditions before you notice the effect on your sight. Early treatment can often prevent your sight from getting worse. It is recommended that adults have their eyes examined at least every two years, more frequently than that if you suffer from certain medical conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma, or if your optometrist recommends a more frequent check up.

As well as boasting one of the largest ranges of glasses in Newcastle, keeping your eyesight in the best possible condition is the over-riding objective of The Big Optician Newcastle.

The Big Optician Newcastle is highlighting a number of ways in which you can help yourself enjoy better vision.


Eyecare Newcastle upon TyneKeith Little, owner of The Big Optician Newcastle said: A healthy diet could make a big difference to your sight. A diet low in saturated fats, but high in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, appears to offer protection against eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Be sure to also include fruit such as oranges and kiwis, nuts, seeds and oily fish in your diet as these are also great for your eyes.

Research also suggests that some anti-oxidant vitamin supplements are helpful, although these should not be a substitute for a healthy diet. Avoiding obesity is important because being overweight can lead to blindness caused by diabetes.

Keith said: The optometrists at The Big optician Newcastle will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your eye health and vision during your eye examination, including giving you advice on keeping your eyes healthy and happy.

The Big Optician Newcastle offers eye examinations 7 days per week. Call one of our practices today to make an appointment for your next eye test.

Another important thing to take into consideration in relation to eyecare, said Keith, is the use of appropriate eye protection whilst participating in sport. At The Big Optician Newcastle, we have seen an increasing number of people who have injured their eyes during sport. Common causes of eye problems tend to be impact injuries, damage by UV light and scratches to the eye from dust, grit and bugs. Sports such as cycling are notorious, and everyone who cycles should always wear glasses with protective lenses.

The Big Optician Newcastle sells Adidas eyewear. This is a technologically advanced product that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Adidas eyewear is the top choice of many professional sportsmen. Keith said: Many of the clients of The Big Optician Newcastle participate in sports such as golf, cycling and running as well as high-altitude activities. We sell Adidas eyewear because it is a product that offers lenses designed for specific sporting activities, as well as all-round design features and maximum durability.

Your eyesight is priceless, so it makes sense to look after it as much as you can.