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The BIG Optician Eye Examination

At The BIG Optician our experienced optician conducts one of the most thorough sight tests available. Each eye examination lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, giving out optometrist sufficient time to carry out all the necessary tests with due care and diligence and to discuss with you and give advice on any eye care problems.

Eye Test Newcastle

The BIG Optician 12-point Eye Test

At the BIG Optician, you will experience one of the most comprehensive eye examinations around. You will be seen by one of our small team of experienced, fully qualified opticians who will be using some of the most sophisticated eye testing equipment available. Our optometrists are consummate professionals but they are also 'people people' with excellent communication skills. They take their time to undertake your eye test with due care and diligence. You will not feel hurried or rushed during the process, you have ample time to discuss any eye health problems with your optician, and he will give you a full explanation of the results.


The eye examination comprises of the following stages:

Eye Exam NewcastleDiscussion of your history and symptoms
Firstly, you will be asked a series of questions which will help the optometrist build up a picture of you and your lifestyle, discuss any eye problems you may have, and ascertain your requirements.

Assessment of your current spectacles
We will check any spectacles that you currently wear along with your last prescription. You will be asked how well you can see in certain different conditions.

Refraction test
Our experienced optometrist will carry out various tests to examine your eye health as well as to determine if a prescription is required. If this is the case, he will also determine which lenses are required to give you the clearest vision. These tests cover near vision, distance vision, and any intermediate distances you may need for your job, hobbies or lifestyle.

Eyetests NewcastleOcular-moto balancing test
Here the optician checks that your eyes work together in an effective way without causing any muscular strain.

Pupil reflexes test
The pupils control the amount of light reaching the retina of the eye and our optometrist checks each pupil to make sure it is working properly.

Intra-ocular pressure test
This test measures the pressures within the eye and is usually carried out on people over the age of 40, who are at increased risk of glaucoma, a disease which if left undetected and treated leads to damage of the nerve fibres, visual field defects and eventual blindness.

This is the detailed examination of the health of your eyes which enables the optometrist using a hand held instrument, to detect problems like cataracts, high blood pressure, diabetes, and glaucoma before you have noticed them yourself. 

Retinal Scans NewcastleVision Field Detection
The FDT is a test which the optometrist may conduct using state-of-the-art technology if he feels you are at risk of Glaucoma or if you may be suffering from loss of your field of vision.  It is another test which involves no contact and causes no discomfort or pain.

Retinal Photography
The optometrist will take photographs of both of your retinas using a specialist digital retinal camera. Retinal photography allows the optometrist to undertake a more detailed inspection of the vessels in the back of the eye and enables him to detect any minute changes in your eye, often before you are aware of any symptoms. The optometrist will show you the photographs on the VDU and he will be happy to give you a detailed explanation of the findings.

Eyetest Newcastle Upon TyneAssessment of any special requirements
We also undertake special visual assessments if required for particular vocational problems, such as tests for colour-blindness etc.

Visual assessment
Following the tests described above, our optometrist will give you an assessment of his findings and he will recommend appropriate action. We will give you a copy of your prescription.

If you need vision correction, we will give you advice on the different types of lenses and frames available and what is recommended for your prescription, your lifestyle and your budget. Our dispensing staff are skilled at advising on the type of frame and lenses to best meet your needs and will be happy to help you select a frame which suits your face shape and colouring.

Childrens Eye Tests

Childrens Eyetests NewcastleYour child's eyesight is precious. Without good vision children can have enormous setbacks to learn and in the development of all their skills.

Take a look at the childrens eye care section of our website for more details, as well as seeing the treatments and frames that we stock specifically for children and younger adults.