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You and UV

These days sunglasses are often regarded as a fashion accessory, but it's important not to forget their function as eye protection. That's why it's always worth investing in a pair with high quality optical lenses.

These will not only shield your eyes from harsh sunlight and glare, so making your vision more comfortable. They'll also protect your eyes from the potential dangers of ultra-violet light.
Too much UV light can affect the lens inside your eye, lead to cataracts, and damage your vision by prematurely ageing the retina. So to protect your eyesight at The Big Optician we use optical quality lenses for your sunglasses.

You can have sunglasses made to your prescription from a wide range of attractive styles and lightweight lenses. These are produced to the same high standards as our spectacles. You can choose from the latest fashion frames, including designer ranges, as well as fast-reacting photochromic lenses that adapt to different light conditions.

Also available are sunglasses specifically designed for driving and sports such as sailing, skiing, golf and fishing. Here we would usually recommend polarised lenses because they eliminate reflected glare from roads, snow and water, so making your vision more comfortable.

If you want to look great with attractive, high performance sunglasses made to your prescription, simply call into The Big Optician. We would be delighted to explain the different frame and lens options available, and how they can improve and protect your vision with the latest technology.