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Ladies Designer Prescription Frames

The Big Optician is an independent opticians, owned and run by local optometrist Keith Little. We have been identified as one of the top 100 Independent Opticians in the UK, giving us 'Elite Client' status.  This means that we are licensed to supply luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co, on an exclusive basis.  We recognise that not everyone wants or needs designer eyewear so we also have a fantastic range of mid-range spectacle frames in beautiful shapes and colours, as well as a comprehensive selection of budget frames which all provide excellent value for money.

The Big Optician is the only independent optician licensed to sell Tiffany & Co spectacles and sunglasses in Newcastle.  This truly is the place to have an incredible choice of all the current designer frames under one roof: Tom Ford; Oliver Peoples; Ray-Ban; Persol; Dior; Gucci; Oakley; Polo Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta and Lindberg are only a few of the designer collections stocked.

The Big Optician also has some uber cool, niche designer collections that are exclusive to them in the North East, such as Booth & Bruce; William Morris, and Anglo American, brands which are often chosen by celebrity spec wearers looking for distinctive frames.

Ladies Designer Frames

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Tom Ford

In 2005 the brand Tom Ford was created and in the same year the Tom Ford Eyewear division was introduced. Since then the American designer’s range of sunglasses have gained an elite celebrity following that includes Brad Pitt. Due to Tom Ford’s unmistakable, high-end sunglasses that merge directional designs with intricate detailing.

This eclectic brand treats us to a luxe and edgy collection every season, making it the failsafe favourite in exclusive eyewear.

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Tiffany & Co.

The Big Optician Newcastle is the only independent supplier of Tiffany & Co glasses and sunglasses. 

For over 170 years, the name Tiffany & Co has been synonymous with romance, style, quality and luxury. Many celebrities and Heads of State have worn Tiffany designs of gold, silver and precious stones. In 2008, Tiffany & Co launched their eye wear collection and they have limited distribution to a small, hand-selected number of high-end opticians. The Big Optician is Newcastle's only stockist of Tiffany eye wear. We have a wonderful collection of Tiffany & Co spectacles frames and sunglasses ranging from the trendy, contemporary acetate styles, to more classical rimless frames finished in white or yellow gold and hand decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Call into The Big Optician Newcastle to view the range of Tiffany & Co eye wear at your leisure. Staff at The Big Optician Newcastle will give you a warm welcome and expert advice on the type of spectacle frame to suit your appearance, lifestyle and prescription.


Oliver Peoples


Just like a well-engineered watch or a beautiful covetable handbag, eye glasses have become a vital accessory to express the wearer’s individuality and style.

No eyewear designer has done it better than Oliver Peoples, a luxury eye wear brand which was founded in 1986 on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. Established by Larry and Denny Leight, Oliver Peoples originally sold vintage American eyewear acquired from auction, but soon launched its own range. It is now famed across the world for ultra-stylish, high-quality, vintage-inspired frames with minimal branding.

Now a leading luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples is worn by Jay Z, Jonny Depp, Robery Downey Junior and Jennifer Aniston to name but a few. Although based in Hollywood, Oliver Peoples are the antithesis of the bling and glam associated with the area and its inhabitants. They provide a welcome antidote with their understated vintage-inspired style and good old fashioned quality with not a diamante in sight.

The Big Optician has the largest range of Oliver Peoples eyeglass frames in the North East, including a selection of the Special Edition 25 Year Anniversary pieces.


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The Big Optician is one of the only stockists of Lindberg frames in the North East and we guarantee you the best pricing.

It was not until the beginning of the 1980's when the Danish optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg started needing spectacles himself that he really became aware of what it is like to wear spectacles. His views were clear: A spectacle frame is like a scaffold which one wears on one's face – heavy, stiff and uncomfortable. Rather than trying to find faces to suit these scaffolds, why not make the scaffolds to suit the faces? He started working with the architect Hans Dissing and together they conceived a different frame-building system: Air Titanium. With Air Titanium and the ensuing frame concepts LINDBERG has revolutionised the international market for eyewear, has been awarded a large number of the most prestigious design prizes in the world and has made life easier and more beautiful for spectacle wearers – worldwide.

Each Lindberg frame is handcrafted exclusively for the wearer and with frames weighing as little as 1.9 grams Lindberg eyewear is of the most lightweight in the world. The frames are of beautiful, minimalistic designs without screws, rivets and welds. Lindberg’s patented and prize-winning frame building system has made it possible to create a unique and personal frame for every individual – perfect in shape, colour and size.

Staff at The Big Optician are Lindberg-trained and will be happy to talk to you in more detail and demonstrate the benefits of Lindberg frames when you call into the practices.


Paul Smith

The Paul Smith Resort/Spring 2012 collection presents traditional British tailoring slightly undone. The collection features neutral tones highlighted by punches of color. Introduced this season are close-tone
gradients black/navy, umber/rose, and nude/pearl. Inscribed on the inside of each frame is this season's quote, "Never Assume," written in Paul Smith's handwriting. This quote is taken from Paul's "Coat of Arms" illustrated by celebrated cartoonist Steven Appleby. Complimenting the quote is a crest shaped plaque embossed with a question mark. This charming detail epitomizes the spirit of Paul Smith. classic with a twist

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Persol was created in Italy in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, and designed originally for pilots and sports drivers. The name is derived from 'per il sole' - for the sun. Persol is one of the longest standing sunglass brands in the world. Persol was introduced into the USA in 1962 and opened its first boutique there in Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles in 1991. Their success is primarily due to their high quality and irresistible Italian style.

Walk down any street in Italy on a sunny day and there will be countless men sporting their Persol's with pride. Persol is a timeless, classically Italian look. The styles incorporate the distinctive silver arrow head on the hinge making the glasses and sunglasses unique and instantly recognisable.

Persol made an appearance in the James Bond film 'Casino Royale', being worn by Daniel Craig. They have also featured in 'Miami Vice' and 'The Sopranos'. One of the most iconic images of Persol sunglasses can be seen in the movie 'La Dolce Vita' where Marcello Mastroianni wears a pair of Persol in almost every scene of the movie.

Persol appeals to women as well as men and Heidi Klum is currently wearing Persol model PO0649.  Irresistible Italian style, Persol is truly of the moment.

Whilst Persol is world renowned for its sunglasses, their range of ophthalmic glasses is also superb and has wide appeal to men looking for frames which are classical yet distinctive. Persol frames depict tradition, style and high quality combined with technological perfection and a love for detail.

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The fashion house of Christian Dior was founded in the 1940s. The brand Christian Dior is more commonly referred to now simply as 'Dior'. Dior is recognised as one of the most famous designer brands of all time and is known for their wide range of merchandise; retailing in clothing, accessories and perfumery. Dior is a symbol of luxury and they retail in one hundred and sixty boutiques globally.

Dior is one of the few fashion houses that produce stylish eyewear for men as well as women. Dior men's eyewear range is perfect for men looking for distinguished, stylish frames. The collection contains classical frames with a meticulous attention to detail and which will continue to look great year after year.

Dior women's frames and sunglasses are symbolic of Belle Époque, and these latest collections of poetic, romantic frames are a contemporary version of this golden era. Dior frames and sunglasses are considered among the most coveted haute couture frames in the world and are synonymous with Dior's style, beauty and class.

Dior dominate the market with their vintage inspired designs and their unique interpretations. The Dior women's eyewear collection contains some very bold pieces that make a daring statement. Some of the colours and tones used are vivid and dazzling whereas others are darker or more neutral but all are luscious and opulent. These colours have then been incorporated into designs which perfectly accentuate Dior's sumptuous characteristics.

Dior frames and sunglasses are Italian made and come with either a Dior case or Dior pouch and a Dior cleaning cloth.

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Miu Miu

Miu Miu positions itself as the daily orientated clothing line from the Prada fashion house. Miu Miu is often seen as the more attainable, alternative to Prada.

Miu Miu was launched in 1992 and is headed by Miuccia Prada, the granddaughter of Mario Prada, founder of the fashion house of Prada. Miu Miu takes its name from Miuccia Prada's nickname.

It is said that Miuccia was told she could have a free reign to indulge her love of colour in her designs and she creates pieces that are a colourful contrast to the muted tones of Prada lines.

Katie Holmes is the newest face of Miu Miu, modeling the clothes and Mui Mui sunglasses. She is the latest celebrity to endorse the Miu Miu brand. Kirsten Dunst has recently been photographed wearing Miu Miu sunglass model MM06HS.  Other A Listers seen wearing Miu Miu are: Vanessa Paradis; Gwen Stefani and Nicole Kidman.

Miu Miu eye wear is loved for its clean, stylish designs and its use of colour. Miu Miu is perfect for petite women and older teenage girls who are looking for flattering frames and sunglasses which express their individuality and style.

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The design house of Gucci dates back to 1921 and was founded by Guccio Gucci. To begin with it was Gucci's leather goods that grabbed the world's attention, but now Gucci are famous for a range of luxury items and their sunglasses and spectacle frames are certainly some of their most attainable items in the Gucci collection. Gucci is one of a handful of leading design houses associated with luxury, timeless classics and celebrity status.

Gucci spectacles and sunglasses are constantly evolving. The designers at Gucci continue to take inspiration from Italian mythology and they tend to incorporate flavours of lavish art work and decoration into their designs. The famous interlacing double G's remains a constant theme throughout all of their collections as does the world famous bamboo hinge. You will find that the signature styles within their couture clothing, handbags and shoes are carried forward into their sunglasses and spectacle frames. In 2009, Gucci launched the Flora range. The Flora range includes the striking use of black and white floral patterns on the fronts and sides of the eyewear pieces.

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Booth & Bruce

Booth & Bruce is a niche eyewear company based in London and Brighton. Booth & Bruce exports extensively to Europe and across the world. It is not unusual to see media personalities and stars wearing Booth and Bruce frames.

Peter Booth and Jeremy Sutton began producing designs for spectacles when they owned their own optician stores in London and Brighton. In 1999 following much demand they started selling their designs in other stores and Booth and Bruce England was born. They become so successful that they sold their stores in order to concentrate on frame designing full time.

The aim of Booth and Bruce is to deliver a potent combination of free-wheeling urban adventure and daring design giving British eyewear something not seen before. The designers create an organised chaos which reflects and distils Britain of the 21st Century.

Booth and Bruce frames are a melting pot of styles and ideas; their publicity is wacky and provocative. Their designs combine shimmering colours with their own vivacity and they create in-your-face frame styles that are hard to ignore and even harder to forget.

Peter and Jeremy urge you: 'Enjoy wearing our frames as much as we enjoyed designing them'


Anglo American

Anglo American eyewear is a long established English eyewear company.  Anglo American  was set up just after the second world war and the company has been hand-making eyewear for the last 50 years.  They produce frames of a superior quality and style.  Famous for their tortoiseshell, classic styles Anglo American frames have been worn by many celebrities over the years such as Michael Caine.  Anglo American created the unique frames worn by Elton John in the 1970’s and 1980’s. They were bespoke frames made personally for Elton John when he was at the height of his career. Probably the most iconic current wearer of Anglo American eyewear is Jonny Depp, who regularly wears a classic tortoiseshell Anglo American frame, whether he be in character on the screen or ‘off duty’.

The Big Optician is the only stockist of Anglo American eyewear in the North of England.  We carry a wide selection of the collection which appeals to men looking for a distinguished, very unique look from their spectacles.



Versace is an Italian fashion label founded by Gianni Versace in 1978 and it is now one of the world’s leading fashion houses. Versace glasses and sunglasses are an integral part of their collections.

Sadly Gianni Versace was killed in 1997.  His sister Donatella Versace, formerly Vice President, then stepped in as Versace’s Creative Director and his older brother Santo became CEO. 

Versace has many fans amongst the celebrity A listers including: Jennifer Lopez; Elton John; Beyonce: Elizabeth Hurley; Axl Rose and the late Princess Diana was a close friend of Gianni as well as wearing his designs. The late rap artist Tupac Shakir was also a Versace model and other rappers have been known to name-check Versace especially the Notorious B.I.G.

The Big Optician has an extensive range of Versace glasses and sunglasses. The women’s range of Versace glasses tends to be quite ornate, with excellent use of colour and often using crystals for extra adornment.  The famous Medusa head is used in many of the Versace spectacle and sunglass styles.


D & G

D & G is the more casual part of the Dolce and Gabanna design house. D & G follows urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. It is the young, edgy more flamboyant line within the Dolce and Gabanna family.

D & G eyewear collections include sunglasses and ophthalmic frames for men and women.


Dolce and Gabanna

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna are a world famous fashion duo who formed in Milan in 1985 and have since dominated the fashion scene. They design clothes and accessories which represent glamour and its very best and their designs are worn by Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Kylie and Victoria Beckham.

Dolce and Gabanna produce more expensive luxury items and have a love of incorporating animal prints into many of their designs. Their pieces can conversely be formal and timeless.

The Dolce and Gabanna women's eyewear collections are nothing if not vivacious with fabulous use of animal print acetates and crystals to create eyewear which is glamorous and anything but subtle. In terms of their men's collections, Dolce and Gabanna eyewear is fresh and understated and tends to be featured extensively in fashion and style magazines such as GQ and Esquire.


Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is the more accessible label from the Giorgio Armani fashion house. Emporio Armani is a more youthful, contemporary take on its 'older sibling'. It tends to be distinctively edgy and the eagle logo is instantly recognisable the world over.

The eyewear collection contains some bold and daring designs targeted primarily at the under 40 age group. The eyewear collection includes spectacle frames and sunglasses in male, female and unisex styles. Most of the Emporio Armani sunglasses stocked at The Big Optician can be fitted with prescription lenses. Emporio Armani often has a more modest approach to its eyewear designs and thus it is very wearable. This is one of the many reasons that the brand has become so popular with men and women. It gives out a message of understated style and taste while tending to steer away from the garish and bold colours. The collection is ever changing, and The Big Optician stocks only the most current Emporio Armani eyewear styles.

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Oakley has become one of the most sought after brands on the planet. When someone is searching for the perfect ophthalmic frame, it's all about telling the world who they are.  Oakley frames let style make a statement while the Oakley innovation speaks to every need. 

The Oakley ophthalmic collections blend durable, lightweight materials with the all-day comfort of a perfect Three-Point Fit.  Oakley turns form into function because the way you see is just as important as the way you look.