Discover true Danish craftsmanship with Lindberg Eyewear

Founded on Danish design principles, Lindberg creates technologically advanced custom eyewear that is a joy to wear. Read on for The Big Optician’s full lowdown on this premium brand.

History of Lindberg eyewear

Founded in 1986 by optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg and his architect son Henrik Lindberg, Lindberg aims to combine architectural design with optical know-how to produce innovative and comfortable eyewear. So far, Lindberg’s inspired designs have won 112 internationally recognised awards, and their unique ethos has made them a leader in the eyewear world.

Materials and innovation

The cornerstone of Lindberg

The cornerstone of Lindberg, from its inception to today, is its rimless frames, secured with an innovative screwless spiral hinge. The desire was to come up with a design that wouldn’t require any maintenance, and the resulting creation was inspired.

Lindberg glasses are made using responsibly sourced, high-quality materials. Titanium is used for strength, but you will also find luxury materials such as gold, platinum, buffalo horn and diamonds. With minimalist designs, these high-end materials really stand out, giving you an understated yet distinguished look.

Style options

Lindberg glasses

Minimalism is the key feature of Lindberg glasses in true Danish fashion. You can also take advantage of their bespoke customisable features at our opticians in Newcastle. Personalisation means that the frame is made to fit your face and personal style preferences. With our styling consultants’ expert guidance, you can select colour combinations, lens shapes, and groove colours to create a pair of glasses that are totally unique to you.

Trendy translucent frames might be your style, or perhaps a bold green or sleek black. For full-on luxury, the most exclusive collections feature precious metals, or if a functional look is more your style, the air titanium rim collection is the most popular.

If you love the more refined things in life and want glasses that reflect your natural features and character, you’re in good company. Lindberg is the Danish royal warranted eyewear specialist, and even Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has been spotted wearing them. Other famous faces spotted wearing LINDBERG frames include French President Françoise Hollande, Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt, and TV personality Tyra Banks.

Find Lindberg glasses – UK

Here at The Big Optician, we are proud to be the largest stockist of Lindberg eyewear in the Northeast of England. It’s time to start your journey with Danish minimalism and transform your eyewear at The Big Optician in Newcastle.